Introducing the Chasons JazzMaster

Lead / Solo 6.5 Trombone Heavyweight Mouthpiece.  The majority of lead trombonists play on either a Bach 6.5 equivalent rim or a Bach 11 equivalent rim.  Here is the first of two trombone lead / solo mouthpieces which we will offer.  Only available in small shank version.

The JazzMaster 6.5 has an incredible full round tone and amazing power.  Slot up to your highest notes with amazing accuracy.  The heavy weight design brings under control the lightweight trombone and increases your endurance and comfort.  

If the piece doesn't work for you, send it back for a full refund minus shipping.
"I've been playing on the JazzMaster Trombone Mouthpiece for eight months and it is the best piece I've ever played." D.C.  7/2/15